10 ways to make yourself a more attractive human being

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2019

Originally Written by: Andrew Ferebee

There are two basic paths to becoming more attractive. Become a better human being (internal) or become a better-looking human being (external.) Here are a few quick ideas for maximizing them both.

How to Become a More Attractive (Better) Human Being:

1. Volunteer

Volunteering helps give you perspective on your life and give back to those less fortunate than you. Nothing more attractive than this.

2. Have a definite purpose

A man or woman on purpose is a man or woman who is attractive to the world. Have a definite purpose and pursue it wholeheartedly.

3. Be kind to those around you

Plain and simple, kindness is attractive. Being arrogant, narcissistic, or over dramatic is not.

4. Express gratitude daily

Have you ever noticed how a beautiful person with a negative attitude can seem incredibly unattractive whereas someone with average looks and a bubbly attitude is the hottest person in the room? Tap into this power by expressing gratitude daily and eradicating negativity from your daily life.

5. Smile more often

Again, happy people are more attractive. Smile more, frown less, and you will be far more appealing to your preferred sex.

6. Work hard but live your life

Laziness is not an attractive trait, but neither is workaholism. One of the best ways to become a more attractive human being is to balance work and play. Become the kind of person who gets things done while simultaneously making time for friends and fun. You won’t regret it.

7. Don’t take yourself seriously

Really… Life’s just not that serious. It’s a game that we are all playing and trying to win. Instead of being dramatic and losing your mind over the smallest hiccup, practice being cool, calm, and collected. When someone can laugh at themselves and find humor in adversity it’s insanely attractive.

8. Read more often and expand your mind

A smart person is an attractive person. Spend time daily expanding your mind and learning about new things. When you are able to hold conversations about any topic, people will find you far more attractive.

9. Ask more questions and speak less

A person who cares about others is an attractive person. People don’t care about you, they care about themselves. If you can learn to be genuinely interested in others and spend more time asking questions and less time speaking you will immediately increase your attractiveness and desirability.

10. Remember that you are the prize

There’s nothing attractive about NEEDING someone else’s approval to feel validated. If you can learn to see yourself as the prize and always approach social situations with a nonchalant attitude, others will be intrigued and you will be far more attractive.


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